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  • Emily

    Locked in a closet for long periods of time. Not knowing when her next meal would be. Having strange men visiting her mother, doing “bad” things to her.

    This is what 10-year old Emily endured before finding love and safety at the Children’s Shelter

    So unhappy, she frequently wished she would die to escape the shame and guilt she was feeling. Guilt because she knew somehow all of this was her fault.

    Over time, with the help of the dedicated staff at the Children’s Shelter Emily learned that she had done nothing to cause these things to happen to her. She had three meals a day, learned to draw and paint and after five weeks, she was telling all who would listen, “This is the best thing that ever happened to me!”

  • Alex

    At 10 months old, Alex came to The Shelter unable to walk, talk or recognize his name. He cried all the time and was small and underweight also for his age.

    These problems were typical of severe abuse and neglect.

    Little was known about Alex other than he came from a house used a crystal meth lab, run by two parents…addicted to meth.

    During placement at the shelter, Alex learned to stand by himself and walk. Within a few weeks he was blowing kisses to his caregivers as if to say, “I love you.”

  • Sam

    Sam was diagnosed with cerebral palsy before coming to the shelter at 4-months old. His mom, who is developmentally delayed, had not ever followed up on Sam’s health issues.

    With patience, persistence and unwavering love, the Shelter team worked closely with Sam’s mother to increase her understanding and develop appropriate parenting and coping skills. They also modeled for her how to access services and how to advocate for her child.

    Sam was successfully reunited with his mother and turned 3 this summer. He now attends specialized supportive preschool and his mom continues to be the primary caregiver and a strong advocate.

Additional Service Areas


Struggling Families

Mitigating poverty, abuse, addiction and other family stressors does not happen overnight. Long-term, sustainable holistic solutions such as the Pathway of Hope program help break the cycles hindering the success of our communities and families.

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Vulnerable Adults

We are motivated by the love of God to help those whose needs present unique challenges. We provide compassionate care without discrimination.

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Emergency & Disaster

Emergency Assistance is an integral part of who we are. We provide aid for the needs of families when resources are devastated by unexpected events.

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