Emergency Assistance

The Emergency Assistance Program is an integral part of The Salvation Army, providing services to families on an emergency basis. These services are available to any qualifying resident of Kansas & Western Missouri to help provide aid for families who need rent, utility, clothing, food or other required assistance. Our Caseworkers meets with families to assess their needs and how help might be available.

Pathway of Hope is designed to be a high-impact approach to assistance by focusing on finding the root causes keeping families from becoming self-sufficient. The program targets families with children in an effort to impact generational poverty.

Families accepted into the program will work with one of our social workers on a long-term intensive case management basis, providing them life skills training and potential resources to address their specific barriers to increased stability.

For more information, please contact your local Salvation Army.

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Additional Service Areas


At Risk Children

Every at-risk child has a common thread – each bear the scars of their own unfortunate circumstances. But with guidance and love, they can overcome the challenges they face in life.

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Vulnerable Adults

We are motivated by the love of God to help those whose needs present unique challenges. We provide compassionate care without discrimination.

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Struggling Families

Mitigating poverty, abuse, addiction and other family stressors does not happen overnight. Long-term, sustainable holistic solutions such as the Pathway of Hope program help break the cycles hindering the success of our communities and families.

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