Service Extension Units (Rural Areas)

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The Salvation Army Service Extension Department provides emergency assistance to residents in 101 communities throughout Kansas and Western Missouri. The goal is to provide supportive assistance to people during crisis situations and to identify other community resources which are available to provide additional help. Emphasis is placed on building an individual’s capacity to solve problems (long term solutions), not just provide services (short term solutions).A service unit is an extension of The Salvation Army that functions in communities without Salvation Army building-centered programs, directed by a local Salvation Army officer. A unit consists of volunteers from the community who have organized to assist The Salvation Army with its religious and charitable activities. Service Unit Functions

  • Carry out the mission of The Salvation Army in the local community
  • Raise funds essential to the effective operation of The Salvation Army’s multiple local and division-wide service program
  • Discover local welfare and humanitarian needs and provide assistance to help meet those needs
  • Provide information and referrals to local agencies and other Salvation Army Corps and Service Units for services that are beyond the scope of an individual Service Unit[/well]

Types of Service Unit Assistance

There are two types of assistance offered through these units. The first is Basic Living Essentials, which includes food, clothing, utilities, housing assistance, temporary lodging, transportation, aid to victims of disasters, emergency services, food supplements, prescription medication (including treatment), dental services, eye exam and glasses and visits and aid to nursing home residents.

The second type of Service Unit assistance is Education and Recreation, which includes back-to-school supplies, swimming pool passes, school fees and lunches, physical education clothing and summer youth camps

Service Unit Funding Sources

Services are funded through generous donations from individuals who care about helping others. Additional funds in some communities are raised through the traditional Christmas bell ringing campaign, mail appeals and at times through the United Way.  The majority of these funds are used to directly benefit the local community. A portion also helps support division-wide emergency services.