The heart of The Army is found in its spiritual ministry. From here, we reach out to heal wounds of the soul, to share the love of Jesus Christ and to proclaim God’s promise of salvation.

Our ministries are open to all cultures as we strive to address the diverse needs of the people. Those efforts specifically include reaching out to our area’s large Hispanic population.

Our Hispanic Ministries provides Spanish-speaking individuals in the Corps to welcome others joining in praise and worship. We also provide:

  • Translation services in hospitals and courts
  • Hispanic adult sports leagues and volleyball at local community centers
  • Hispanic men’s and women’s fellowship groups, as well as, kids clubs meet at area corps 
  • 24-hour Spanish translators are on staff at the following locations: Topeka, Salina, Dodge City, Garden City and three in Kansas City: Olathe, Westport Temple and Blue Valley

Una de las faces del programa multicultural, esta dedicado a las personas hispanas,
abriendo oportunidades dentro las iglesias con el proposito de lograr un acercamiento
con esta comunidad a través de programas ideados para mujeres y hombres asi
cómo programas pensados especialemte para el desarrollo de caracter para los niños.
Ademas de estos programas contamos con servicio de traducción en el area de
servico social.

Hasta este momento tenemos siete cuerpos / iglesias que proveen
estos servicios. Topeka, KS; Salina, KS; Westport, KCMO; Dodge City,
KS; Garden City, KS; Olathe, KS;, y Blue Valley, KCMO.