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When the youth group from Arbor Community Church in Nebraska traveled to Kansas City over the summer to volunteer with The Salvation Army and other community organizations, they couldn’t have anticipated the impact they would have on one particular resident from the Bellefontaine neighborhood. Major Janice Love immediately led the group to the home of…

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“As far as my mother, I don’t really know what she really did. But I came here (to The Children’s Shelter) and I stayed here. I was probably 3 years old when I stayed here, me and my sisters and brothers. I actually stayed here twice.” SirMalcolm (“Malcom”) stayed at our Children’s Shelter twice as…

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“When I came here (to The Salvation Army Independence Corps) I was starting off high school. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to finish high school because I was homeless. I was losing it all. People were asking me why I was coming to school on a different bus than everyone else and…

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“I’m not from here. I’ve never been here. I’m from a reservation in Nebraska. I’m not used to the city, I’ve never did the bus system.  I’ve always had my own vehicle. We literally just took what we had on our backs and came here and hoped for the best.” Earlier this year, single-mom Shanelle…

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Booth Manor

“For the past seven years, I’ve been calling Booth Manor my home. I’ve been enjoying every bit of it.” #StoriesOfHope The Booth Manor in Kansas City, Kan. is an independent senior citizen facility run by The Salvation Army. Services give seniors the ability to live among peers in a communal environment suitable for active engagement,…

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