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“I wanted to do a service project and I wanted to do something that would help other kids,” said 9-year-old Kansas City local Brooklyn Stewart. “When my mom heard that The Salvation Army was doing a school supplies drive, I wanted to help. When kids go to The Salvation Army, they sometimes don’t have anything……

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Every Wednesday you can find Christine Wright at her local Salvation Army women’s group in Kansas City, Mo. While looking for a church she came to the Blue Valley Corps and felt at home. She has been going to The Salvation Army for more than 30 of her 94 years. While waiting in the lobby…

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Shotgun Jaxon

“I got into radio because my dad was bipolar and my mom was concerned that he was likely to bolt at some point, so she encouraged me to go to work with my dad. I started hanging out at radio stations and learning the business. This is the only thing I’ve ever done.” Jaxon, who…

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“It’s a great place, great people, and that lady, if she was not here, we would not be here. She is the glue that runs this place. She is absolutely wonderful. We could not do it without her.” Rich, a volunteer who has been with the Salvation Army over the holiday season for 25 years,…

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When the youth group from Arbor Community Church in Nebraska traveled to Kansas City over the summer to volunteer with The Salvation Army and other community organizations, they couldn’t have anticipated the impact they would have on one particular resident from the Bellefontaine neighborhood. Major Janice Love immediately led the group to the home of…

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