The Salvation Army Stories


The Hedley family

“If I could give any advice to others, I’d say, ‘Love one another, and be kind to each other – it’s as simple as that.’ That’s what Salvation Army is doing for us. They love us and are being kind to us.” #StoriesOfHope The Hedley family has called the Crossroads Family Shelter in Independence, Mo….

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“This program is so important because our kids need a safe place. We are seeing a lot of growth in our kids. They are learning and really getting something out of it.” #StoriesOfHope Michelle is the director of our Independence After School Program, which offers many activities including arts and crafts, music class, homework assistance,…

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“I got out of prison five years ago, and immediately went back to my drug addiction. Eventually, my family completely shut me out because of my addiction, and they haven’t communicated with me since. I suddenly found myself homeless and alone. The Salvation Army has given me love when I couldn’t get it anywhere else,…

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  “On a winter night three years ago, I was living in a condemned apartment with no heat. My brother told me about the Salvation Army and the food, relief from weather, and counseling they offered. They (The Salvation Army) never turned on me, and that saved me. I have given myself up to The…

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General Andre Cox’s Christmas Message 2015

It is with hearts filled with thanksgiving and praise to God that we should enter this Christmas season. I hope we will all take time to reflect and contemplate the everlasting love and eternal plan of salvation that God has prepared since the beginning of time for all mankind. We certainly have had ample opportunity…

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