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  • Nellie

    Nellie was the mother of two young daughters when she was introduced to crack cocaine and alcohol.

    That led to what she calls “13 years of self-destruction.”

    “I was determined to go to treatment with a willingness to learn whatever I had to learn and do whatever I needed to do … just like I did when I was out there looking for my drugs. I did whatever I had to do to get my drugs. That’s how low it took me.”

    “I walked through the doors of The Salvation Army knowing, no matter what, that I have to have a stronger desire to stay clean than to get high.”

    Today, Nellie is clean and sober. She values her sobriety. She is a good, strong mother once again to her daughters. And she is pursuing a career as a licensed drug counselor so she can help other women turn their lives around.

  • Lawrence

    “When we were told we had to leave our last home, our world fell apart; we thought ‘what are we going to do?’

    But by the grace of God, the Salvation Army was there for us. This shelter gave us hope.

    It’s amazing to have a place like this to get us through the bad times.

    I have a job in construction, it doesn’t pay much and life it seems is sometimes against you…you know?

    If I could give any advice to others, I’d say ‘Love one another, and be kind to each other – it’s as simple as that. That’s what Salvation Army is doing for us, they love us and are being kind to us.’”

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