Pathway of Hope

Multiple generations stuck in the cycle of poverty can be found throughout the world. Breaking that cycle, without help, is virtually impossible for millions. But there is good news here in Kansas City. There is Pathway of Hope.

Long term, sustainable, comprehensive assistance is available through this initiative of The Salvation Army. Pathway of Hope is a high impact, intensive case management approach that helps families in crisis move toward self-sufficiency, breaking the cycle of multigenerational poverty.

The core process used in Pathway of Hope is case management by highly skilled social workers. Families who are often repeat users of our emergency assistance programs are asked to join. They are expected to work hard and to be committed to a life of self-sufficiency, building confidence and good decision making skills along the way. They first work to resolve immediate critical needs. Once the family is stable, it then works from its strengths to remove the family’s roadblocks to success. Goals are set and goals are achieved.

Are the results promising here in Kansas City? Indeed.

Thus far, 90 families have completed the Pathway of Hope program. They have shown an average increase in annual income of $ 5,800. After six months in the program, most of the 260 enrolled families showed measurable improvement not only in income, but also employment, education, and community involvement.

The program is too new to claim success over the decades. But the future looks bright.

Empowering families with holistic solutions creates sustainable answers to poverty-related issues. The work begins with assistance and ends with self-sufficiency. It is not an easy journey, and there are setbacks along the way. But the journey changes lives both now and for generations to come. And when that happens, our entire community is blessed.

Your support makes this possible. Thank you and God bless you.

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