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  • James

    “When I came in here, I wasn’t a whole person. I was a shell of a person.”

    When James graduated from high school, his friends all left for college, leaving him behind. He fell in with the wrong crowd, and experimentation with drugs led to a 10-year methamphetamine addiction. James ended up alienating himself from every last family member and friend.

    With no place left to go, he walked through the doors of The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center.

    “The way people treated me when I got here wasn’t the way people treated me on the outside. People here treated me like a human being again. They loved me when I couldn’t love myself.”

    “I got belief in myself again,” James says. “I got God.”

    Now, James has been clean for four years, and he has a purpose in life.

    “God had another plan for me. He wanted me to go out and tell people about Him.” And so, along with his wife, he now ministers to others, teaching them about God, as a music evangelist.

  • Ingo

    “I was in the military, but I got no job now. My family don’t want anything to do with me, I’m the black sheep of the family. I’ve got a lot of love to give them but they just don’t want it.

    I’m gonna get a house soon but I’ve been on and off the streets for a long time.

    These Salvation Army folk are good people and I’m grateful to ‘em.”

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