Correctional Services

The Salvation Army Prison Ministry is a program that focuses on healing and restoration. The program vision is “To assist the community, inmates, and their families to heal from the trauma of crime and incarceration while breaking the cycle of generational incarceration.” It is imperative to note the devastation that victims, offenders, community, and families face from crime.

The Salvation Army Prison Ministry takes a holistic approach toward this restoration. We realize the importance of ministering to the whole community affected by crime. The prison ministry program utilizes the Restorative Justice approach. Restorative Justice programs, therefore, enable the victim, the offender and affected members of the community to be directly involved in responding to the crime and restoration process.

The ministries include:

  • Prisoner Christmas Toy-lift Program- This program allows inmates to send a Christmas gift home to their child. The purpose is to let the child know that mom or dad has not forgotten about them and to keep the lines of communication open for restoration.
  • New Beginnings Pre-release Life Skills Program- The Salvation Army Pre-release New Beginnings Reentry Life Skill Faith Based Reentry Program is a program that will support the inmate in his/her transition prior to release.   The goal of the program is to work closely with the inmate 12 months prior to his/her release to overcome barriers that may prevent successful re-integration.
  • Prison Greeting Card Ministry- The greeting card ministry gives the inmate an opportunity to send a greeting card home to their loved one. They have an opportunity to send birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc. greeting card to keep the communication open. This program is totally free to the inmate.
  • Prisoner Clothing Program- The Salvation Army has created a clothing voucher for men and women returning from incarceration. In many cases the men and women need clothing for job interviews and everyday use. This program will give them a fresh start toward their goal of successful reintegration.
  • Discovery Camp- This camp is for children between the ages of 8 and 14 that have a parent or parents incarcerated. Each year the Salvation Army selects one hundred twenty-five children to participate in a three day weekend summer camp. No cost.
  • The Joshua Project- The Salvation Army has an alternative school program for children that are the custody of Jackson County Family Court. Throughout the year the children come to the Salvation Army Bellefontaine Corps to receive assistance in keeping them productive while learning skills that will assist in securing a vision for their future.
  • Bible Correspondence Course- These Bible courses are available FREE to any person in a correctional institution. The courses follow in consecutive order. As soon as one course is completed and returned for grading, the next course is automatically sent to the student. All courses require the use of a Bible and a study guide. The study guide is included with the lesson.
  • Project 64130- Project 64130 is a collaborative effort of concerned citizens, agencies, and faith based communities seeking to restore 64130 back to a safe and nurturing environment. Crime has totally devastated the 64130 community and the collateral damage is almost immeasurable. In order to attack this plague that has caused severe deterioration, it will require strategic planning, dedication, and prayer to shore up this weakening of the 64130 community.
  • Job Placement- The Salvation Army assists in job placement and development. During our clients’ incarceration they receive job skills programming to help them prepare for job interviews and job placement. After release we try to connect the client with job placement.
  • Mentoring and Counseling- Our mentoring program is very important to the success of the inmate in his or her transition. Mentoring and one-on-one counseling gives the client a chance to begin a build a positive relationship and help in the social barriers they may face upon release. The Salvation Army has for several years always visited the jails and prisons seeking that lost soul that just needs a friend.


Additional Service Areas


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